While having quite good range and other advantages (especially concerning low maintenance costs), new generation of electric cars seem as the ideal choice for car sharing fleets. One of the latest service of that kind is being launched by Hyundai – with the city government of Amsterdam support Korean automaker started its own program with 100 brand-new all-electric IONIQ.

That is the first Hyundai’s car sharing project in Europe – though, it might turn out to be not the last one. IONIQ is the latest Hyundai’s vehicle with electric drive today (also being suggested with hybrid powertrain), while by 2020 automaker claims to unveil the total of 15 eco-friendly models.

Speaking of Hyundai’s car sharing service, it is definitely quite convenient. Despite the fleet to be located in Amsterdam, service users would be able to travel around the Netherlands. In order to take a ride on IONIQ, it is necessary to register on ioniqcarsharing.nl, download the mobile app, enter some personal and payment information and upload the driver’s license scan. One is able to pay per minute (€0.25), per hour (€12) and per day (€60).