July 29th was a big day for Tesla Motors – its great Gigafactory had been officially opened with a huge party. We filmed the whole factory tour inside the Gigafactory – the video is attached below and available on Electric Motors Club YouTube channel (subscribe to get the latest news of the industry and EV reviews!). Also, read further for the information of Gigafactory’s future and a number of interesting details unveiled last Friday!

Here are the main details on Gigafactory according to the remarks made by Elon Musk and Tesla CTO JB Straubel:

  • Gigafactory is aimed at making the electric vehicles a large-scale phenomenon. Economies on scale would allow to produce millions of cheap EVs annually;
  • Gigafactory today is only 14% or about 1/7 of what is going to be built;
  • one full-operational Gigafactory will produce more lithium-ion batteries than the whole world manufactures today;
  • Gigafactory is going to become twice bigger next year – to cope with demand for Tesla Model 3;
  • all Powerwalls and Powerpacks are being produced at Gigafactory since 2015;
  • Tesla Motors approaches ‘factory as product’ concept – product design principles allow to optimize and improve production efficiency;
  • Gigafactory 2 will be even bigger, uniting battery and electric vehicles manufacturing;
  • now there are about 1,000 employees at Gigafactory; however, on its full capacity it will require 10,000 workers;
  • old batteries will be getting recycled right at the factory;
  • materials (like lithium) extracted from recycled batteries will be used again and again, thus making new batteries less expensive;
  • Gigafactory gets all of its energy from wind, solar and geothermal;
  • lithium takes only about 2% of a typical EV battery. Elon says, that there is enough lithium on Earth to change every internal-combustion car for a EV;
  • Tesla is planning to release a small bus based on the Model X platform;
  • Model 3 design is done and now the prototypes are being carefully examined and tested before entering the production.

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