The general reaction to the video may be summarized by words of Roadster test-rider in the ending fragment: “Holy…”.

As we all know, Tesla doesn’t do any kind of traditional advertisement. Instead, from time to time the company releases beautiful promotional videos, some of which becomes truly iconic – and the latest to date is absolutely brilliant from this perspective.

The first thing catching attention is a mysterious car underwrap, appearing around 0:16. This quick shot was made at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, where the company works on new vehicles. However, it is hard to say what car is it – logically, this might be a prototype of Tesla’s upcoming models like Model Y or a pickup, though, its size is quite small to represent an SUV. So, probably, that is some unfinished design model or an early prototype of Model 3.

Another great thing here is Tesla Roadster in action. The video perfectly shows Roadster’s incredible performance and test-riders emotions shot at the car’s unveiling event last year. Moreover, Roadster’s interior showed quite thoroughly at the daylight.

Finally, the video features almost all of Tesla products, including Semi truck and Powerwall, as well as shots of Tesla facilities in Hawthorne, Fremont and Gigafactory in Nevada. Also, there is a matte black Tesla Model 3 – this color is still unavailable for purchase so far, so this may be a hint for the upcoming Performance version with dual motors.