During the last week’s Tesla CYBRTRCK unveiling there were large screens behind Elon Musk, that showed truck’s specs and some promotional videos. Those included two provocative videos — one featuring CYBRTRCK drag racing against Porsche 911, and another showing Tesla truck easily winning the tug of war challenge against the US iconic truck Ford F150. The latter resulted some huge disputes.

Some attentive viewers caught there was an RWD version of F150 competing against the Tesla car, and it is very unlikely such pickup to win against the dual motor CYBRTRCK. Other convinced to put some cargo on both trucks beds — pickups’ rear wheels are likely to slip when it’s empty due to the body type specifics, while some heavy stuff placed above those wheels should effectively increase the traction.

Elon Musk claimed he’s convinced to perform a rematch considering all those tips. One of the Ford executives Sundeep Madra replied that giant automaker would keep an eye on a new challenge. However, then Ford officially refused to take part in the rematch, claiming Madra’s tweet meant to emphasize how absurd the Tesla’s tug of war video is. Additionally, Ford claimed F150 to be “America’s best-selling truck for 42 years” and said they “look forward to our all-new F-150 hybrid coming next year and all-electric F-150 in a few years”.