Supercharger stations are getting retrofitted to support both standards

Charging infrastructure in Europe is growing with a high pace with new stations launching almost every day. A huge part of European chargers are equipped with CCS Combo 2 plugs applicable for fast charging. Tesla owners also have access to such stations (on top of Tesla Supercharger network), though, they have to use expensive adapters.

Rumors that Tesla would add CCS connector to European-spec vehicles existed for a while so far. Finally, yesterday Tesla confirmed that Model 3 in European specification will be equipped with such plug.

Furthermore, Tesla representatives also claimed that European Supercharger stations will be retrofitted with ‘dual charge cables’ with both CCS and Tesla connectors. Reportedly, Tesla Model S and Model X owners should also be able to charge with CCS soon, since the automaker aims to make CCS Combo 2 adapter available for purchase.