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    Smart Fortwo II
    Smart Fortwo IISmart Fortwo IISmart Fortwo IISmart Fortwo II

    Smart Fortwo II

    BATTERY TYPE li-ion
    TORQUE 130 Nm
    LENGTH / WIDTH / HEIGHT (mm) 2695*1770*1550
    CARGO VOLUME (liters) 220
    WHEELBASE (mm) 1867
    TYRE 15″
    WEIGHT (kg) 780
    MAX LOAD (kg) 270
    DOORS 2

    $10,200.00 $8,500.00

    Range (Full Charge)145km

    0-60mi (0-96km)11,5s

    Max Speed125km/h

    Motor Power55kW

    Drive Wheelrear

    Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

    Ahead of the times, and the traffic

    Going electric doesn’t mean sacrificing performance. In fact, it means the opposite. Unlike gas cars, electric cars deliver power to your wheels instantly, with no lag time, as soon as you step on the pedal.

    The result is greater torque and acceleration.

    Engineered with Mercedes-Benz, every smart must meet the strongest industry standards. The patented

    Tridion Safety Cell uses reinforced high-strength steel to act as a barrier between you and anything else on the road.

    Plus, an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and anti-lock brakes combine to give you maximum control, while the positioning of the battery in the vehicle’s underbody offers the best possible protection if a collision occurs.

    The smart Vehicle Homepage is a driver’s best friend. You can check the state of your charge, and the current range of your battery. It will even send you an email or Twitter notification when it’s ready. Plus, it allows for pre-entry climate control, so you can cool or heat the interior, which is pretty cool, either way.