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    Renault Zoe

    BATTERY TYPE li-ion
    TORQUE 220Nm
    LENGTH / WIDTH / HEIGHT (mm) 4084*1730*1562
    CARGO VOLUME (liters) 338
    WHEELBASE (mm) 2588
    TYRE 16″
    WEIGHT (kg) 1468
    MAX LOAD (kg) 475
    DOORS 5


    Range (Full Charge)210km

    0-60mi (0-96km)13,5s

    Max Speed135km/h

    Motor Power65kW

    Drive Wheelfront

    With Renault ZOE, a new automotive era has begun. Tomorrow’s technology taking care of you and theenvironment you live in today. Imagine roads free of engine noise, with no CO2 or NOx emissions whilst driving, a city where you can breathe more easily. Does that appeal to you? With ZOE, rediscover the pleasure of motoring every morning: driving is a relaxed experience. A car that is clean on the outside and clean on the inside; one that you can communicate with remotely. No more queuing at petrol stations, you just have to plug it in. You save time and effort. Come along and test drive Renault ZOE and you’ll see why we’re excited by it. We all want style in our lives, and ZOE turns heads wherever she’s seen. The slimline headlights, swooping roofline, and hidden rear doors create a great first impression, even from a distance… but ZOE continues to impress up close. See how many neat little details you can spot around the car; from the cheeky ‘dimples’ to the designer’s fingerprint, ZOE has just as much personality as you do. May as well make the most of things and start charging your ZOE right now. Why not switch on the heating too so that your car is lovely and warm when you get in? All this from your smartphone or computer without even stepping out of the door.