That’s what March statistics shows

For the long time Norway is the world’s leader in EV adoption pace. The share of plug-in cars grows steadily. However, March 2019 brought some historical news for Norway and the whole world – there were more new electric vehicles registrations last month in Norway, than ICE cars.

In total, 58,4% of all new cars delivered in Norway this March were electric. Top 5 market leaders are Tesla Model 3, VW e-Golf, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and Audi e-tron quattro.

As for the Q1 2019 results, EVs also show strong position, conquering 48,4% of the market. Moreover, a part of new electric cars were in transit for their owners in Norway on the date of closing the statistics – for instance, Tesla and Audi models.

Noticeable, that Norway came to such impressive result within quite short period of time – there were slightly more than 10,000 electric cars in the country just 5 years ago. In order to make electric vehicles more popular, Norwegian government waived vehicle import duties, as well as registration and sales taxes for buyers of electric cars; they also have the permission to drive on bus lanes and don’t pay road tolls.