The experiment will be carried in Hamburg, Germany

Light commercial vehicles is the type of transport, that brings much inconvenience to urban areas. At first, it is about the air pollution from gas and diesel engines, as well as noise pollution in dormitory areas.

Most often, such cars are vans owned by transportation companies and used for urban deliveries. In such environment electric cars are more preferrable, being more pleasant for people, as well as far less expensive for business.

DPD is among first companies went for the total electrification of the urban fleet. Reportedly the entire DPD’s fleet in Hamburg, Germany, will be exchanged for electric cargo vehicles of various capacity – including VW e-Crafter, FUSO eCanter and special electric bikes.

DPD claims that today commercial electric vehicles are suitable enough for urban deliveries. For instance, VW e-Crafter range on a single charge comes close to 160 km (100 miles), that seem to be enough for inner-city operations with short commutes between destination points and considering long time of unloading.