XEV LSEV reminds of Smart ForTwo and is incredibly simple and cheap in production.

XEV LSEV citycar is made by the startup with two founders – one from Hong Kong and another from Italy. The EV is only 2.5 meters long and weighs about 450 kg, making it to have a range of 93 miles (150 km) on a single charge with a top speed of 70 km/h (44 mph).

Though, the most interesting part is the production technology. LSEV body panels are made via 3D-printing with a use of reinforced nylon, polylactide and thermoplastic polyurethane. However, the chassis and body framework are made of steel with traditional welding method.

According to XEV, 3D-printing allows them to save about 90% of R&D budget while the production process is about 75% faster if compared to traditional methodology. The company also claims that their car provides sustainable level of passive safety due to structural filler of printed panels, which absorbs the energy of impact.

XEV LSEV serial production is scheduled on 2019. Little electric car will be produced in China, while the geography of sales should include Europe, where the estimated price will start from 8,500 EUR.