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Some consider Bugatti Veyron as one of the most important cars of 2000-era, since its dynamics had not seen any competitors within road-legal and mass-produced cars. However, the progress goes on — today supercars with hybrid and even all-electric drivetrains became even faster. Wilton Classic Supercar brought Bugatti Veyron to Croatia and performed a straight-out test — a drag race with one of the fastest EV Rimac Concept_One.


Dakar is undoubtly one of the most difficult world motorsport events. The 2017 9,000 km (5,600 miles) endurance race started 2th January in Asuncion, Paraguay, went through Argentina and Bolivia (with 3,600 m altitude stage, btw), and finally ended 14th January in Buenos Aires. Acciona’s electric racecar was the first out of 18,000 vehicles ever participated in Dakar to complete the race without a single drop of fuel or gram of CO2 emitted.

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Renault is one of a few automakers that produce not only passenger electric cars, but also commercial vehicles on electric power. So far the company filled the segment with Kangoo ZE, though this year Renault is expected to enlarge the product line with electric version of Master full-size van. The vehicle will be equipped with 33 kWh battery pack enabling 200 km (124 miles) of range with 57 kW (76 hp) electric motor. Renault expects Master ZE to be aimed at the city disribution services, as well as municipalities and local governments. The vehicle should go on sale at the late 2017.



Tesla Model S P100D had already been claimed as the world’s quickest production car in terms of 0-60 mph acceleration — electric car from California makes it only after 2.5 sec from being still. However, the last firmware update brings Tesla owners even better dynamics with a ‘secret’ Ludicrous+ mode — to activate it, simply press and hold ‘Ludicrous’ button in the car settings menu for 5 seconds. After you choose the obvious answer in a funny popping message, your P100D will get approximately 35 additional horsepower (totalling for 780 hp or about 573 kW) and be able to reach 60 mph in 2.4 sec! The most amazing thing here is that the dynamics improvement is only a matter of software being activated ‘right here, right now and for free’. First P100D owners had already tested the Ludicrous+ mode, for instance — DragTimes channel:


This week at the North American International Auto Show Audi unveiled Q8 — a new plug-in hybrid SUV, that is reportedly entering production in 2018. Check the detailed specs and images below.

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Nissan had been rumored to unveil a new EV at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas — but instead the company confirmed a new vehicle (which they call ‘a new Leaf’ by the way) to arrive a little later and announced some new details on self-driving program. The first iteration of Nissan’s autonomous driving strategy is called ProPILOT and will enable self-driving for a single-lane highway driving in upcoming new Leaf. Though the ProPILOT is only the starting point which should lead to a full autonomy in 2020 — Nissan plans a gradual release of a more advanced technology during the given period. Check out Nissan’s video representing the technology and several images of a new self-driving Leaf prototype below.


We’d like to share our extremely important milestone — Electric Motors Club launches a mobile app available for iOS and Android! Check the most popular EVs specs and compare them via a handy tool (btw, some cars are even available to order — hit the button and our manager will call you back shortly after) and get the latest EV industry news. There are also some perks for existing EV owners — for instance, user manuals. Get the app and stay in touch — we crave for your feedback!

iOS version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electric-motors-club/id1189612654?mt=8

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electricmotorsclub

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Tesla and Panasonic had reportedly started production of 2170 cells at the Gigafactory. 2170 are believed to enable Tesla to produce several new products — including Model 3 — since those cells has the highest energy density and the lowest cost of production, thus reducing the battery pack cost. The cell is named after its dimensions of 21 mm x 70 mm — thicker and taller than the previous one developed by Tesla and Panasonic. First cells produced will be used for Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2, while Tesla reports cells for Model 3 production to start at Q2 2017 — several months ahead of Model 3 production launch. More information on 2170 cells and Gigafactory is in our video from Gigafactory Grand Opening factory tour below:


Seems like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are going serious about the self-driving and eco-friendly technologies. At the CES 2017, which goes in Las Vegas, the company unveiled a concept of a small electric van Portal. The car has about 118-inch (3 meters) wheelbase and is equipped with 6 seats and 100 kWh battery pack capable of 250 miles (400 km) range. Additionally, Chrysler all-electric van would be capable of chraging at the ultra-fast stations that are going to be deployed this year by several automakers, gaining 150 miles of range during each 20 minutes of charging. Moreover, FCA worked with Samsung and Panasonic for the in-car electronics: the interior contains 10 docking stations for smartphones and tablets, while the dash cam is capable of face recognition, thus adjusting the individual driver’s profile. Finally, Portal may be the first production car utilizing  Chrysler and Waymo self-driving technologies — though, at first the car’s autopilot would require driver’s supervision, while being upgradable to full autonomy some time later. More Chrysler Portal concept images — further.

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At the end of last week General Motors announced its plans to develop a wireless electric car charging system. The automaker partnered up with a startup WiTricity, transformed into a separate company from MIT project in 2007. More details on the collaboration — further.

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