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German automaker does not cover their plan to produce electric vehicles — the aim is to make several millions of that cars annually in the nearest future. Those cars will be based on a new modular platform MEB, designed specially for all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The platform (which is, btw, will face its final configuration in 2019) is the actual reason why VW factories will be updated — including VW’s main plant in Wolfsburg and a facility in Dresden, that should launch a new e-Golf production this year.

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Carsharing services like Uber are definitely driving progress in the automotive industry, especially at the self-driving area. More and more alliances are born on that point, and one of the latest is Uber and Daimler partnership.

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A new experiment with self-driving public transport started this January in Paris — two electric minibuses Easymile EZ10 serve as shuttles from Paris’ Gare de Lyon train station across the river Seine to Austerlitz train station. Each one is equipped with several cameras around the vehicles and two LiDARs checking the environment around. While coming to the point of destination, EZ10 commutes back not turning around. Shuttles drive with a speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) and carry 12 passengers each. So far buses go back and forth on a dedicated road lane fenced off with a rigid barrier, though if the experiment would be successful authorities promise the program expansion.



Electric cars are gaining increasing sales, providing higher range and becoming cheaper. It is not fantastic assumption, that in a few decades EVs would substitute gas-powered cars — either if not entirely, than in quite massive scope. For the companies dealing with gas stations business it means the necessity of transitioning — and Shell become one of the first companies to make it in large scale. In his interview to Financial Times Shell’s business director revealed the company’s plan to deploy electric chargers in Britain and the Netherlands later this year. Additionally, there is a list of countries where the company is looking at having EV facilities, however full transtitioning of roughly 25,000 Shell-branded stations over the world will take «decades». There is no specific technical data on chargers, though Abbott said that most electric vehicles will be capable to reach 80% in 30 minutes.

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Battery cost is one of the key factors determining the final price EV buyers have to pay. For a long time electric vehicles were much more expensive than ICE cars since their batteries production cost — which means that making EVs the prevailing mean of transport it is required to reduce the cost. Now it seems that this drop is going even faster than might be predicted.

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Really unique electric-powered project-cars serves as one of the strongest signs of rising EV popularity. A few days ago we spoke about Mercedes G-class built specially for Arnold Schwarznegger, while today is the turn of even more custom and exclusive thing, balancing on the edge between two opposite automotive eras.

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Italian automaker Lamborghini works on its first ever SUV Urus since 2012. Company’s head of R&D — Maurizio Reggiani — confirmed to Autocar, that there will be a hybrid plug-in drivetrain among other options at the model’s launch next year. Unfortunately, any technical details and specs are yet not available, though the vehicle will be based on a platform familiar by other VW’s SUVs — Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga.

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Former California governor is known for his love to huge and powerful SUVs — like Hummer H1 and so on. Mercedes G-class is undoubtly included to his list. However, Schwarznegger’s interests also lies in ecology and global warming area. Austrian company Kreisel Electric solved his issue by building an all-electric Gelandwagen.

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A new modifications of Tesla pair of models is now available — and while the Model S P100D became the quickest production vehicle, 100D modification is the highest range electric car one can  purchase.

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During the first fatal crash with Tesla Autopilot involved, NHTSA not only determined the car’s equipment to be guiltless, but also came to intriguing conclusion on self-driving vehicles.

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