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In the end of the last week a world race 80edays 2016, or ELDURO, where only electric vehicles are allowed, was launched in Barcelona.

80edays elduro 2016


Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller announced an ambitious company’s plan of hitting the market with over 30 new all-electric models in next ten years. Additionally, all brands of VW Group start to accumulate efforts in order to reach the velocity of 2-3 million electric vehicles produced annually by 2025.

VW e Golf


A new Model S 60 is so far the cheapest Tesla Model S available for purchase. However, its battery has significantly greater capacity of 75 kWh, though its electronically limited to 60 kWh. Unlocking the full potential is possible before and after the car delivery — read further for the details.

Tesla Model S battery


2017 is going to be the fourth year for BMW i3 to remain on the market — however, i3 of 2017 model year is expected to have several improvements. EV got a new battery with 50% better capacity (while the version with an original battery is still available), new color scheme and a few additional lines on the standard and optional equipment list. Read further to details.

bmw i3 battery update 2017


In June 2016 Daimler announced the ‘electric mobility’ plan containing release schedules for several new hybrids, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles. Let’s take a detailed look.

Mercedes Electric Drive


Zero_07Despite the obvious perks of EVs’ for global ecology, those vehicles are ultimately convenient for daily use. We are absolutely sure saying this — while having several years of business experience with EVs and a few successfully launched and operating congenerous projects we can tell it based on our clients’ feedback, apart of our own feelings and attitude. We have created Electric Motors Club to show how intelligent and enjoyable daily transportation might be with EVs, and, moreover, to make living the future we could only dream about possible today.

Electric Motors Club purpose lies between catching up with the means of transportation transitioning and its support. We act quite solid, offering:

  • a wide range of electric vehicles: Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, KIA, Smart, Renault, Volkswagen
  • electirc motorcycles and scooters by Zero
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