A few days ago we have taken a look at the countries planning to switch to electric cars in next 10-15 years. Germany was at the list, already been implementing the strategy: starting June 2016, the government provides a €4,000 discount on any electric car under €60,000 of retail price. Shortly the EV manufacturers felt the benefits starting with BMW, whose i3’s sales increased ‘many times over’ – read further for the details.


BMW i3 fully meets the criteria of the program – even the increased battery size version starts at €36,150 in Germany (without the discount). Reuters reports a several times increase in sales volume of i3 in a first month after the launch of discounts, referring to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. BMW claims around 1000 orders for i3 in a given period of time, while the total world volume roughly equals 5000 orders for last month.