The Camp fire in California already became one of the most devastating wildfires in USA ever – its area already passed 386 square miles.

Such wildfire causes a huge impact on air quality within the state. According to Tesla owners’ evidence, the Bioweapon Defense Mode available in cars with HEPA-filter became a really necessary option.

According to Tesla, HEPA-filter is capable of cleaning the air inside the cabin from over 99% of pollution. Tesla owners who drive in areas affected by Camp fire support the statement. For instance, Tesla owner Andrei Bulu values high the efficiency of his Model X climate control by measuring the level of pollution inside his car with windows up and on the streets of Bay Area – the results are clearly visible on pictures below (images from Andrei Bulu’s Twitter):

By the way, Elon Musk personally advices Tesla employees to provide any possible help in fighting the wildfires, telling them ‘not to worry about the compensation’.