What else one may do behind the Tesla wheel on Autopilot?

Tesla continues to introduce new and update existing entertainment possibilities in-car. It may sound silly, but such news are the indicator of company’s progress in Autopilot development, since in-car entertainment features are being designed to bring fun while driving on Autopilot, not only while staying on a Supercharger.

Following the display games introduction, new features were launched last weekend. New Tesla software will bring the new sketchpad for drawing with improved UI and the undo function.

Moreover, while commenting the sketchpad launch in Twitter, Elon Musk announced a new music app. He claims it would feature music tweaking and karaoke mode – the indispensable thing for long rides.

The upgraded sketchpad is available with the latest Tesla software update, though the karaoke feature is expected in software ver.10, though its release date is not announced yet.

Image credits: Goro Fujita