Apple is rumored to on its own car for quite a long time. Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed working on a self-driving technology, even referring to it as a ‘core technology’ for the company – however, this resulted to opinions that Apple is giving up their plans on the actual car. Nevertheless, now the tech giant is reportedly working on EV batteries with China’s largest battery maker.

China’s Yicai Global claims, that Apple and CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd.) together carry the confidential project in the sphere of EV batteries.

If true, it may mean Apple is actually considering the launch of an actual car under their brand and not only the self-driving tech – like Google does with their Waymo company.

CATL is now the largest battery producer in China, planning to reach the 50 GWh annual rate by 2020, becoming among the biggest world manufacturers right behind Tesla/Panasonic.